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GIẢI ĐỀ WRITING TASK 2 - 02/12/2017

Schools are no longer necessary because children can get so much information available through the internet, and they can study just as well at home.

To what extent do agree or disagree?

In a technologically advanced society, the internet has become a widespread amenity which can provide its users with all the information they need. As a result, this usefulness has implied a thought that educational institutions are no longer needed. From my personal perspective, I completely disagree with this statement for a variety of reasons.

First, there is a fact that schools play a significant role in educating children. School is the place where young people are taught about moral values and good habits, not to mention vital skills such as teamwork or critical thinking. In addition, through peer interaction and evaluation, pupils can learn how to play a part in a community and thus develop essential social skills, such as self-defense and problem-solving skills. In simpler words, despite the notion that the internet can provide home-learners with an incredibly huge amount of knowledge, it may fail to facilitate the acquisition of those aforementioned skills due to the absence of friends and teachers.

Apart from these practical concerns, academic establishments also provide students with guidance for their future. With a wide range of choices from which students can choose, they are very likely to make unjustifiable choices if proper orientations are not put in place. This suggests the undeniable role of counseling for children and educators, who are supposed to be well-equipped with experience and in-depth knowledge, appear to be optimal consulting sources. Apparently, there is no way the internet alone can meet these needs of the young generations.

Taking everything into account, this reinforces my perspective that e-learning shows no potential for replacing the role of schools in nurturing children. Although it is possible for children to widen their horizons through internet access, the need for attaining critical skills being only obtainable through formal training at school has proven the indispensible role of educational institutions.

(305 words)

Written by Huynh Minh LE and Minh Quan NGUYEN (Tony) – 8.5 IELTS

(Đề Writing này được mô phỏng dựa trên đề thi thật được các bạn thí sinh report về)

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