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Methadone Clinic in Frederick, MD

Frederick Institute is a long-standing medication assisted treatment office in Frederick, Maryland. It specializes in methadone medication assisted treatment for people suffering from Opioid Use Disorder. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients in order to interrupt the cycle of OUD. This will give them the best chance of a meaningful long-term recovery.

Frederick Institute, MD offers opioid addiction treatment and recovery services. It is located in Frederick, MD. Outpatient services include all the listed services for a low price. Our opioid addiction specialists utilize the most recent research to create customized plans that support each patient’s recovery. Contact us now to make an appointment.

Frederick Institute is the right choice for your Methadone Treatment. Frederick Institute believes that any medication is not enough to ensure long-term addiction recovery. To avoid the temptations of their drug abuse, patients must make drastic changes in their lives and adopt a new approach to their illness and thinking. Therapy and counseling can help OUD patients change their thinking, reactions, and ways of thinking. They also provide support to OUD patients who are taking medication.

Only licensed professionals, including counselors, make up our treatment team. We also maintain a formal treatment program as part of our primary opioid use disorder (OUD), treatment service offering. The patient, their physician and the treatment team create the treatment plan. It is the written vision of the patient’s treatment episodes. Frederick Institute counselors and physicians assist patients in developing the treatment plan and track patient progress.

Trends in Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Frederick, Maryland:

Frederick, Maryland forms part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. It is also the county seat. Frederick is located near Maryland’s border to Pennsylvania, just an hour from Washington D.C. or Baltimore. This makes Frederick a great choice for those who want a small town feel but are close enough to big-city excitement. Frederick is home to an estimated 71,000 people. This has been due to its close proximity to Washington Metro. The city has seen a tragic increase in drug use, especially opioids, due to its growing population.

Frederick, MD’s Opioid Crisis:

Frederick is not immune to the terrible consequences of opioid abuse. Heroin, along with other opioid-related overdoses, have seen a significant increase in Maryland in recent years. It is the leading cause for death among Maryland’s young adults. According to Maryland Health Department’s 2017 year-end report, 78 Frederick County residents died from intoxication in 2017. 35 of those deaths were due to heroin overdoses, while 17 were caused by prescription opioids. Officials are crediting the rise in heroin sales in areas where it’s been laced with Fentanyl. This deadly synthetic opioid is 100 times more potent than morphine. The risk of overdose is significantly increased when many consumers don’t know that drugs they buy contain this deadly opioid. In 2018, Fentanyl was responsible for 49 deaths in Frederick. Fentanyl is the leading cause for overdose deaths in Maryland and Frederick County.

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