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Online candle fundraisers for schools

Many PTA members are searching for new ideas to raise funds for their school. Online candle fundraisers work- and we can help. In this discussion we share tips on how to make candle fundraising videos to sell more orders. Many people would rather watch a video about your school's fundraising drive than read about it. Knowing how to make good videos is vital if your school or non-profit wants to make the most money. We'll show you how to make videos for your future online candle fundraisers for schools.

To boost sales hold an online candle fundraising video contest.

The concept is to conduct a video contest to spread the word about your fund raising event. It takes some forethought, but you'll receive a lot of social shares if you do it right. Some of these videos have the potential to go viral. The more people that "like" and "share" your video... the more people get to see your video.

Make a theme for your hilarious candle videos. So you could do unique ways to light a candle, fun candle lighting ceremonies, or even get in fun costumes to light your candlers. Remember though to do so safely and always with adult supervision.

Make sure you set video contest's guidelines before you begin. For instance, you may allow each person to enter one video for each candle they purchase during the event, for example. Before a video is posted on your Facebook page, it must be approved by your committee. This will ensure that they are suitable for viewing by the entire family. So remind them to keep all of the videos clean and rated "G" on your page. Finally, remind them of why your fundraising event and how wonderful these candles smell.

Choose a first, second, and third place prize. Make it a good prize so others will want to shoot their own video.

What method will you use to choose a winner? Will your Facebook fans be able to vote? Do you want the final decision to be made by your PTA or fundraising committee?

Additional video-making advice to sell more candles

Leave your thoughts on the videos. Interact with the people who make videos for you on Facebook. Make sure to leave a comment so that more people may see the videos.

#Hashtags. Use a hash tag to identify your school or organization. #PS92candlefundraiser or #baseballcandlefundraiser, for example. Tip: You may find all of your fans' videos for you by searching for this keyword on the internet.

Make plans for next year now! You can use these fundraising videos to promote your event next year. You may also use these as samples of amazing videos to make. Finally, you'll have a list of donors to whom you can sell candles the following year!

We have a number of candle fundraiser ideas to share with you here....
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